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Getting started with researching your Family Tree could not be easier.

Genes Reunited

Start your family tree for FREE at Genes Reunitedand search over 515 million family history records and start connecting with family past and present. You can begin your search by Registering for free and then follow these simple steps.

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  • 1. Start by entering all of the information you already know into your free family tree on Genes Reunited
  • 2. Get your family involved, speak to your relatives to see if they can give you any more information.
  • 3. Join Genes Reunited helpful active community they are always lending a hand to new members
  • 4. Search Genes Reunited family trees to see if anyone else is researching the same family as you
  • 5. Use our historical records to find detailed information of ancestors living hundreds of years ago


300x250: Iím, your Nan

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